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About the Safe Cruising Association

The Safe Cruising Association is all about keeping cruising travelers safe and informed about the cruise issues of the day, showcasing cruise lines and cruise ships that have been certified "Safe to Cruise", and answering any and all cruise travel safety questions from the traveling public.

We know that, for any cruise, to any destination, knowledge equals safety, and we know, without question, that cruise safety - a cruise ship's "health" - truly makes a difference for its passengers' and crew's health! With a lifetime of experience and knowledge in the cruise industry, I have developed the Safe Cruising Association to provide independent assesments of every cruise line and cruise ship - ocean and river - that will, hopefully, provide the guidance you seek to help you make decisions that will keep you safer when cruising!

"Mister Cruise"
Peter E Coloyan Sr.

President, Safe Cruising Association

Cruises, Covid-19 and Your Safety

With the recent voluntary pushing back by CLIA (the Cruise Lines International Association) member cruise lines of cruises sailing from US ports, to September 15, 2020, cruise ships can use this additional time to continue to be cleaned, and for certain areas onboard to be retrofitted for better health safety - re-designed for increased social distancing and newly discovered "best practices" for avoiding viral transmission. Outside of the USA, cruises will resume sailing based on the local laws and guidance provided by government health authorities.

So, Is it Safe to Cruise?

In a word - NO! At least, not now! I have sailed on more than 120 cruises on over 90 ships, and have toured another 60 or so ships. After sailing (or even a tour) I have often pointed out to the cruise lines' management certain problem areas / policies that I have encountered onboard that may compromise health and/or safety for cruise passengers. In conjunction, I have made suggestions on how to improve and/or minimize/eliminate the negative consequences that these discovered issues may have. Unfortunately, because changes always come with increased costs, most of my suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe they will take heed now?

But, until there is an effective cure and/or vaccine for Covid-19, I, and my family, will NOT be cruising on any ship that is not "retrofitted" for optimal ship "health"! And, for those who have any kind of underlying health issue like diabetes, asthma, heart disease, COPD, etc. and/or are over 65 years old, I would HEARTILY suggest doing the same! Even if you are not in the high risk group, I would still wait!

I certainly do not say this lightly! I have made the majority of my income over the past 25 years selling cruises, but, I cannot, in good faith, suggest cruising at this time without significant changes! I trust facts and science implicitly, and to do otherwise is putting lives at risk. Unless certain changes are made to ensure safety now (and even after a Covid-19 vaccine is found), I will reserve judgement on a ship by ship basis, as the cruise lines' announce, and reveal, what, if any, additional measures they have taken to avoid future onboard outbreaks, should a Covid-20 or Covid-25, or Covid-?? happen. Just as scientists had been warning that this Coronavirus pandemic was a matter of when, not if, that is the same guidance given for the next one - it is not "if", it is "when" will it occur. Cruise lines must be ready the next time!

Some of the changes I feel need to be made to ensure passenger safety, and general cruise ship "health", are being discussed with cruise lines' management teams, and will be a cornerstone of this Association's goal of ensuring safer cruise conditions worldwide. I hope to bring you better cruise news in the weeks, and months, to come!

"Mister Cruise" - Peter E Coloyan, Sr.
President, Safe Cruising Association
June 20, 2020

Cruise Safety Q & A

Q? - When will it be safe to cruise? - Asked by every cruise lover, everyday!

A! - Unfortunately, there is no definitive date at this time, nor can there be! Additionally, whatever date cruise lines decide to begin cruising again, once allowed by local governments, is NOT necessarily the time that it is safe to cruise. Until there is a cure or effective vaccine for Covid-19, every cruise ship will carry a higher risk of infection. It will certainly be a risk / reward proposition. This Association exists to help you assess the level of risk that esists on any particular ship / itinerary. There is no guarantee of 100% safety, but there never has been for any type of travel, or, even for walking across the street, for that matter. But, you can greatly reduce your risks by sailing on healthy, safe cruise ships to healthy, safe destinations! That is where we can help, with our Certified Safe to Cruise! inspections and reporting,

"Mister Cruise" - Peter E Coloyan, Sr.
President, Safe Cruising Association
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