About the
Safe Cruising Association

About the Safe Cruising Association

The Safe Cruising Association is all about keeping cruising travelers safe and informed about the cruise topics of the day, showcasing cruise lines and cruise ships that have been certified "Safe to Cruise", and answering any and all cruise travel safety questions from the traveling public.

We know that, for any cruise, to any destination, knowledge equals safety, and we know, without question, that cruise safety - a cruise ship's "health" - truly makes a difference! With a lifetime of experience and knowledge in the cruise industry, I have developed the Safe Cruising Association to provide independent assesments of every cruise line and cruise ship - ocean and river - that will, hopefully, provide the guidance you seek to help you make decisions that will keep you safer when cruising!

"Mister Cruise" Peter Coloyan Sr.
President, Safe Cruising Association

What We Do

The Safe Cruising Association is committed to inspecting and reporting on all areas and services onboard cruise ships, and the level of safety achieved by each individual ship, and by their parent cruise lines.

However, the reported level of safety will vary, and it will be defined much differently for an eight passenger river cruise ship than for a 6,000 passenger ocean cruise ship. There are many questions that need answering on every cruise ship, including ease of social distancing, reduced capacity seating in theaters, safe dining practices, and many more factors that go into determining the health of each cruise ship, and if it can be Certified: Safe to Cruise! by our standards, which are designed with one thing in mind - CRUISE PASSENGER SAFETY!

Can I Book Here?

You cannot book a cruise on this site. We can, however, help you find a Cruise Expert with experience for the cruise / destination you are interested in! All Cruise Experts listed on our site and/or referred by us, will have a minimum of 5 years cruise sales experience and will have achieved the cruise industry designation of MCC - Master Cruise Counselor - or higher!

The Cruise Experts listed here are dedicated to providing nothing but 5 star service 100% of the time, with your safety at the top of mind always!

"Mister Cruise" Peter Coloyan Sr.
Email: peter@mistercruise.com